A collage of three scenes in the Delaware Tech wellness center: a woman on a treadmill, another woman doing weighted squat exercises, and a man raising a barbell above his head with both hands.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center offers fitness assessments, exercise prescription, personal training, group fitness classes, incentive programs, and wellness seminars on "healthy topics." Employees and current students have a free membership to the Wellness Center.

Our wellness staff work in partnership with CardioKinetics (CK) to make your experience safe and healthy.

The following services are FREE to all Wellness Center Members:

Includes: Health Risk Assessment & Wellness Profile (full-time staff only), Resting Blood Pressure & Heart Rate measurements, BMI & Body Composition Checks, Low Back Assessment, Flexibility, Strength and Endurance Assessments. Offered all year long!

The CardioKinetics team offers guest lectures for special events, classes, and department meetings upon request. Our experts can cover a variety of health topics. Contact your site manager for more information.

From yoga to kickboxing, your wellness centers offer a variety of classes each semester.

Make exercise fun by participating in a variety of challenges offered throughout the year.

Our experts will create personal plans and train you based on your level of fitness & goals to help motivate and educate!

Track your numbers and witness the progress.

Consult with CardioKinetics experts to help plan strategies toward new health habits and create healthier dietary habits.

Be present in the moment and focus on right now with guidance from our experts.

Try these upper body stretches (PDF) that were put together by our wellness team.

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Additional Resources
Campus-Specific Wellness Center Information
Contact Dover:

Karin Ryndak, M.S.
Phone: (302) 857-1810
Email Karin

Wellness Center Location: Educational Technology Building 700 Room 710

Contact Georgetown:

Joshua Propes
Phone: (302) 259-6654
Email Joshua

Wellness Center Location: Jason Technology Center, Gym

Contact Stanton:

Kate Boettger
Phone: (302) 454-3197
Email Kate

Wellness Center Location: First floor of the Stanton Campus inside the Gymnasium - D130

Contact Wilmington:

Alex Wade
Phone: (302) 573-5416
Email Alex

Wellness Center Location: Lower level of the West building